Wealthbox + Smart Kx

With our Wealthbox integration, advisors can finalize their client documents with information directly from Wealthbox and collect the new clients signature immediately. This integration helps advisors move from a prospect’s YES to revenue in seconds rather than days.

Our Wealthbox integration simplifies the process of transferring client data, contract management, and maintaining up-to-date client records. By integrating Smart Kx’s data handling capabilities with Wealthbox CRM, we ensure a smoother, more efficient onboarding experience for both advisors and clients.

  • Automated Household Creation: Initiate a household in Smart Kx and it automatically generates a corresponding household in Wealthbox.
  • Streamlined Contact Information Transfer: Import client contact details from Wealthbox into Smart Kx, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information in client contracts. This integration eliminates the need for manual data entry, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of your contract management process.
  • Agreement and Fee Schedule Selection: Easily select and customize client agreements and fee schedules within Smart Kx.
  • Efficient Contract Management: Dispatch contracts directly to clients for electronic signatures.

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Discover the power of Wealthbox and Smart Kx with our complimentary workflows designed by Stephanie Dannenbaum Consulting. Transform your client management processes with our efficient, streamlined solutions for client onboarding and billing procedures. At Stephanie Dannebaum Consulting, we integrate cutting-edge technology with extensive workflow optimization knowledge, delivering easy-to-adopt solutions within your existing Wealthbox framework. 

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