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Why Smart Kx?

As an attorney and outside compliance consultant, I witnessed RIAs continually struggle with revenue.

Onboarding a new client took weeks. Fees were difficult to calculate and often wrong. Firms lost money through a lengthy manual and error prone onboarding process.  Contracts-versus-fees only matched 40% of the time when audited by regulators. And the billing cycle took months.

I built a better way.

RIA firms run into two common problems during their onboarding and revenue:

1. Advisors do not have an easy actionable process after a prospect says "YES!"

2. Documenting, setting up, and collecting revenue is disjointed and causes errors and lost revenue

Our Team

Lacey Shrum
Lacey Shrum Founder and CEO
Nawar Nory
Nawar Nory Chief Technology Officer
Jasper Tung
Jasper Tung Technical Project Manager
Courtney Schubert
Courtney Schubert Fractional CMO
Clifton Schaller
Clifton Schaller Advisory Board Member
Shawn Preisler
Shawn Preisler Advisory Board Member

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