The Complete Onboarding and Billing Solution for RIAs

Empower Your Practice with Efficiency

Discover the ultimate solution designed to streamline your client onboarding and billing processes, making regulatory compliance and client management seamless.

New Client Onboarding

Simplify Your Client's Journey

  • Effortlessly pull client data from your CRM or enter manually for a swift setup.
  • Automatically dispatch client agreements, fee schedules and essential regulatory documents for signature, ensuring a smooth transition into your services.
Client Onboarding Screenshots

Fee Schedule Management

Customize With Confidence

  • Unlimited fee schedule creation, offering the flexibility to tailor ranges and fees to each client’s unique needs.
  • Dive into advanced customization for account-level adjustments and specific fee arrangements.

Automated Compliance and Documentation

Automated, Accurate, Assured

  • Generate client-specific fee schedules and send compliance documents effortlessly, maintaining regulatory compliance with ease.
  • Leverage “Disclose Fee Schedule” and “Annual Amendments” features to maintain transparency and compliance, sending customized communications directly to clients.

Bulk Billing and Client Reporting

Optimize Operations with Insightful Reporting

  • Produce detailed reports and alerts, such as insufficient cash notifications, to keep on top of account management.
  • Forecast and streamline your billing process with our bulk billing feature, ensuring a smooth revenue cycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Smart Kx integrate with other software I currently use?

Yes, Smart Kx is built with integration capabilities to connect with other software and platforms commonly used by advisors. We offer integrations with leading CRM systems, Signature Collection software, custodial platforms, and more, allowing for seamless data flow and enhanced productivity. View a complete list of integrations

What support does Smart Kx offer during the transition to its billing platform?

At Smart Kx, we understand that transitioning to a new billing system can be a complex endeavor. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive and supportive training and transition process, designed to seamlessly integrate RIAs into our automated billing platform while ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and a thorough understanding of your unique billing needs:

  • Billing Setup: We start by understanding your billing methods. This is done through a detailed survey and interviews. All potential issues are spotted and resolved beforehand.
  • Data Transfer: Once we understand your billing methods, we transfer all of your data into our system. This includes client details and billing calculations. This way, the integration into Smart Kx is smooth and seamless.
  • Accuracy Check: Our team screens your data carefully to ensure all calculations are correct. If we find errors, we correct them. This enhances the precision and trustworthiness of your billing process.
  • Staff Training: To guarantee a successful transition, we provide training. Your staff will participate in simulated billing tasks. This helps everyone get familiar and comfortable with the new system.
  • Ongoing Support and Resources: Our assistance doesn’t end after setup. We’re available via phone call or email to answer your questions. Also, you can connect with our legal and billing experts, and use our extensive knowledge base for any further guidance.

We stand firmly on our commitment to delivering superior service – Smart Kx carried off a “near-perfect user rating” in the 2024 T3 Advisor Tech survey, an accolade we’re particularly proud of.

What measures does Smart Kx take to ensure the security of client data?

Smart Kx prioritizes the security and protection of client data, employing robust measures to ensure the highest standards of safety. To safeguard access, Smart Kx offers Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) options, adding an extra layer of security to prevent unauthorized access. Additionally, client account numbers are obfuscated, ensuring that sensitive information is concealed and protected. The platform is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), a leading cloud service provider known for its stringent security protocols and reliable infrastructure. This combination of 2FA, data obfuscation, and the use of AWS’s secure environment demonstrates Smart Kx’s commitment to maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of client data at all times.

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Discover how Smart Kx can transform your client onboarding process, accelerating revenue and enhancing client satisfaction.