Is Slow Client Onboarding Slowing Your Firm's Growth?

With Smart KX, Turn Prospects into Clients Faster Than Ever

Fast-Track Client Onboarding

You’re building your firm from the ground up, and every moment counts. The grind of manual client agreements is slowing you down, risking revenue and the crucial trust of your potential clients. That’s where Smart KX comes in— finalize agreements in seconds and start building your client base today.

On-the-Go Onboarding

As soon as a prospect gives the green light over a call or Zoom, you can present and walk through the agreement in real-time, allowing them to review, understand, and sign before the conversation even ends—turning prospects into clients in one seamless step.

Instant Agreement Generation

Activate client onboarding with a single click. Effortlessly pull in CRM data to auto-populate client agreements and send them instantly, streamlining your workflow and enabling you to convert prospects to clients swiftly and without delay.

Customizable Agreement Templates

Design personalized agreements that cater to each client’s unique requirements. Select from various auto-fill fields, standard clauses, and signature options to swiftly create professional agreements. Once customized, save your creation as a template to streamline future client onboarding

Security & Compliance

Smart Kx not only streamlines the sending and editing of regulatory documents to maintain compliance but also protects client data with stringent security measures like Two-Factor Authentication and data obfuscation, all on the reliable Amazon Web Services platform, minimizing risk and safeguarding information integrity.

Effortless Integrations

Smart Kx syncs with leading CRM systems, signature collection software, and custodial platforms to autofill agreements and file documents correctly, while also updating your CRM with the latest client data post-signature. This connectivity ensures a smooth, integrated process for advisors, from client onboarding to ongoing management.

Parker Austin
Parker Austin

“When I started my new firm, I had to bring in clients quickly. I’d call a prospect, explain our offer clearly, and if they were interested, I’d immediately email them a prepared agreement. This way, each call was wrapped up in about 10 minutes. I managed to reach out to 90 prospects in one day.”



Frequently Asked Questions

How does Smart Kx save time in securing client agreements?

Smart Kx significantly cuts down the time traditionally spent on client onboarding. Instead of the standard 30+ minute process of filling out paperwork after getting a client’s yes, Smart Kx enables you to explain the agreement in 5 minutes, secure a commitment, and send the necessary documents within 10 minutes. This efficient process allows you to capitalize on the momentum of the client’s commitment, ensuring that you can move swiftly to the next prospect.

Do I need to wait until I have all the information before sending out custodial paperwork with Smart Kx?

No, you don’t need to wait to have all the information before sending out custodial paperwork. Smart Kx is designed to allow you to send initial client agreements promptly after securing a verbal commitment. You can collect additional required information over time and update the documents accordingly. This ensures that you can lock in the client’s commitment without unnecessary delays.

What happens to the agreements after they are signed in Smart Kx?

Once signed, agreements are stored back into Smart Kx for easy management and review. If you’re using any of our integrations, like Redtail Imaging, documents will be filed there, ensuring that all necessary paperwork is organized and readily available.

Can Smart Kx integrate with my current CRM to pull information for agreements?

Yes, Smart Kx is built with integration capabilities to connect with other software and platforms commonly used by advisors. We offer integrations with leading CRM systems, Signature Collection software, custodial platforms, and more.

Smart Kx integrations allow you to pull client information directly into agreements, streamlining the process even further. Additionally, once an agreement is signed, Smart Kx can send data back into your CRM, keeping all client information up-to-date and accessible.

View a complete list of integrations

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Discover how Smart Kx can transform your client onboarding process, accelerating revenue and enhancing client satisfaction.